July 2022 Cash-Flow Breakfast Club Meet up

Free real estate investor event! Brand New Topics!Airbnb, Short term and vacation rental investing, Working with Hard Money Lenders, Case Studies, How to invest in a high-interest rate environment, and more! Wed, July 20, 2022 @ 5:00pm – 9:00pm Register for the event below:

Omni Casey on Just Start Real Estate

We begin the episode with Omni sharing his background story and how he ended up in real estate. Omni shares that he grew up in a very entrepreneurial family that had a few companies in construction. He knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur but didn’t know it would be in real estate. He ran several retail […]

Omni Casey on Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

4 Reasons to Purchase Mom-and-Pop Portfolios 1. High barriers to entry.  Omni says he loves focusing on buying portfolios because it’s hard. He and his wife typically have to make their purchases with cash since they usually only keep around 70% of the properties in the portfolio — those that fit their strategy — and sell […]

Omni Casey on The Remote Real Estate Investor

With a passion for building wealth and helping others achieve financial freedom, Omni has coached hundreds of real estate investors, real estate agents, and clients alike to create and execute a plan to grow their real estate business, grow their investment portfolio, or both. Today, we talk about whether it is worth it as an […]

Omni Casey on The Real Estate Syndication Show

Investing in traditional rental properties has been and remains to be one of the best ways to generate steady income. So, to produce higher income, it follows that we should have not just one or two but multiple rental properties. And the fastest way to have multiple properties is to simply buy a ready portfolio […]

Omni Casey on The Remote Real Estate Investor

“What’s going on everyone? Welcome to another episode of the Remote Real Estate Investor. I’m Michael Albaum and today with me, I have a guest Omni Casey, who’s an investor, broker, author, coach, and he’s gonna be talking to us today about what his story has looked like, and what people need to be aware […]

Omni Casey on Commercial Real Estate Pro Network

“I kind of define investors in one of three categories cashflow is that second tier that cashflow, investing for financial freedom. The income is really what you’re looking for the first tier is someone that’s doing it as a profession, you know, that might be a broker that might be a fixin flipper or a […]

Omni Casey on Thought Hustle

Omni - Thought Hustle

Long-Distance Real Estate Investing Omni Casey, father, investor, and brilliant teacher, dives into how he’s built up a portfolio of properties, both near, and far. Growing up in Hawaii, he got started with a condo, in a pricey area, it can be difficult to find and purchase a property, but that’s just what Omni The […]

Omni Casey on Behind the Facade

“This week’s podcast comes to you from the National Stud & Gardens in Kildare.  My guest is Omni Casey, a real estate investor and broker based in Northern Virginia, US.” Listen to the full podcast here: Investing for PIFL (Passive Income For Life) – a Conversation with Omni Casey

Omni Casey on Life and Money Show

Omni Casey is joining us to talk about building a real estate business and creating passive income. He discusses what skill sets are needed to succeed in real estate, tips on investing in condos in Hawaii, and how to invest out of state. Join us in this talk and discover more tips! EPISODE NOTES Skillsets […]


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