April 21, 2022

Omni Casey on Commercial Real Estate Pro Network

“I kind of define investors in one of three categories cashflow is that second tier that cashflow, investing for financial freedom. The income is really what you’re looking for the first tier is someone that’s doing it as a profession, you know, that might be a broker that might be a fixin flipper or a wholesaler. But that financial freedom aspect is really cashflow dependent. And then the third category I put us as generational wealth once you maybe don’t need that cash flow or that financial freedom, then you can do bigger things that are probably more tuned into equity appreciation, path of progress and things like that. And so I do all my investments in one of those three categories. And that helps me at least to just clarify Alright, not every investment is going to be across the board.”

Listen to the full podcast here: Small and Midsize Multifamily Portfolio Investments with Omni Casey – CRE PN #349

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