The Cash-Flow Breakfast Club by Omni Casey Book Cover

The Cash-Flow Breakfast Club

A Story and Manual

You are invited to live vicariously through the eyes of Dan Carter, who finds himself at a crossroads. He’s worked hard throughout his life to get good at earning money. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses, but he is obsessed with the game.

On the brink of financial ruin and with no direction or plans, Dan is forced to realize that he has been playing the wrong game his whole life. Unlikely mentors help him take a leap of faith and commit to a unique program with a seemingly impossible plan to help him achieve financial freedom in a short time through real estate investing.

Dan and his team members learn to find, analyze, finance, and properly manage investment projects in the Cash-Flow Breakfast Club while living through the highs and lows of the business.

But can this unique real estate investor meet-up deliver on its promise of putting its members on a fast track to learning, growing, and investing?



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