March 16, 2022

Omni Casey on Sterling’s Business Success & Coffee Podcast

“Today we are excited to have Omni Casey in our show. Omni is a real estate investor, broker, and coach who has spent twenty years helping people learn the skills they need to be successful career-wise. He has been teaching people important concepts like multi-offer strategies and portfolio purchase strategies for a long time now. Omni also teaches them how to take control of their retirement funds through strategic real estate investing. With his wife Chara and their three kids (all under 13), they own and operate New Leaf Redevelopers, a real estate investing company, keeping the kids engaged and involved, teaching them the ins and outs of real estate transactions.

Omni also wrote a book about a real estate salesman on the brink of financial ruin, forced to realize that he has been playing the wrong game his whole life. Some unlikely mentors help him take a leap of faith and commit to attending the Cash-Flow Breakfast Club, a unique program with a seemingly impossible plan to help him achieve financial freedom in a short time through real estate investing. Listen more from him in this episode.”

Listen to the full episode here: Episode 152 – Omni Casey – We All Need Visionaries and Integrators

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