Omni Casey on The Remote Real Estate Investor

“What’s going on everyone? Welcome to another episode of the Remote Real Estate Investor. I’m Michael Albaum and today with me, I have a guest Omni Casey, who’s an investor, broker, author, coach, and he’s gonna be talking to us today about what his story has looked like, and what people need to be aware […]

Omni Casey on Let’s Have This Conversation

Omni - Lets Have This Conversation

“Real estate investors bought a record 18.4% of the homes that were sold in the U.S. during the fourth quarter of 2021, according to a new report from real estate brokerage Redfin. That’s up from 12.6% a year earlier and a revised rate of 17.4% in the third quarter. Omni Casey has been a real […]


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